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Morgan Stanley has emerged as one of the top holders of U.S. spot bitcoin ETFs as of March 31, according to a filing with the SEC. The investment bank and financial services company disclosed holding $270 million worth of Grayscale’s GBTC and $2.3 million of Ark Invest’s ARKB.

Millennium Management disclosed over $2 billion holdings which is 3% of its total fund. According to a filling with the SEC, the company holds $844 million in BlackRock IBIT shares, $806 million of Fidelity Wise Bitcoin shares as well as $202 million in GBTC and approximately $45 million in ARK and Bitwise ETFs respectively.

The State of Wisconsin Investment Board revealed numerous investments in crypto entities worth $163 million in total. The Board owns $99 million shares of IBIT and $63 million of GBTC shares. Shares of other cryptocurrency firms such as Coinbase, Marathon Digital, Riot Platforms, Block, Cipher Mining, Cleanspark and MicroStrategy were also in the Board's portfolio.

El Salvador has launched a website that shows its national Bitcoin treasury currently holding 5,754.76 BTC valued at approximately $383 million.

The platform provides real-time date on the nation's Bitcoin reserves. El Salvador has been executing daily purchases of 1 BTC as well as larger size buys announced by its president Nayib Bukele.

El Salvator bitcoin holdings

The country has also been mining Bitcoin using geothermal energy since 2021. The operation uses 300 mining processors powered by 1.5 megawatts (MW) and has added 474 BTC to El Salvador's treasury so far.

The decentralized oracle service, Pyth Network, will unlock its first batch of tokens six months after its launch last November, rewarding ecosystem participants, protocol developers, and early backers.

pyth network token unlock

According to Token Unlocks, the event will release 141% of pyth's current circulating supply or 2.13 billion tokens. Approximately 21% of the tokens unlocked will be for insiders whereas 79% will be allocated to the community through staking rewards and various others apps that use the network.

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