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There's a problem with Crypto news sites

In the rapidly evolving world of cryptocurrency, staying informed is crucial for investors, traders, and enthusiasts. However, the very platforms that provide this essential information — crypto news websites — often suffer from issues that significantly impair user experience, particularly in terms of readability and navigation. The primary culprits? Website clutter and an excessive number of advertisements.



Crypto news websites are typically packed with a vast array of information, including market analyses, price updates, feature articles, and the latest news. While this comprehensive approach is intended to serve the needs of diverse users, it often leads to cluttered and overwhelming website designs. As noted in various analyses, including those by Hackernoon and Ninjapromo, the sheer volume of content presented can be daunting for users.


The layout often features a continuous stream of updates, multiple sidebars, and a barrage of clickable elements, each competing for attention. This not only makes it difficult for users to locate specific information but also slows down the process of reading and comprehending the news. The cognitive load is further increased by the technical nature of many articles, which discuss complex topics like blockchain technology, NFTs, and cryptocurrency regulations.



Advertisements are a common source of revenue for many websites, including crypto news platforms. However, the extent and intrusiveness of ads on many crypto news sites can severely disrupt the reading experience. According to research published in the Search Engine Journal, ads can hinder website performance and lead to user frustration when they are deemed too intrusive. This is particularly problematic on crypto news sites where users often seek quick updates and analyses.

The presence of multiple ads can slow down page loading times, distract attention away from the main content, and even lead to accidental clicks. This not only frustrates users but can also decrease the overall credibility of the website. As discussed in a Reddit thread on cryptocurrency, many users express distrust and annoyance with sites that prioritise ad revenue over user experience, often at the cost of content quality and readability.


The combination of a cluttered layout and excessive advertising can significantly impair readability. This is crucial because readability affects how quickly and effectively users can absorb information, which is particularly important in the fast-paced world of cryptocurrency trading. A study on digital media news content highlights that information overload and poorly designed content presentation can reduce the effectiveness of communication and lead to user disengagement.

Moreover, clutter and ads contribute to higher bounce rates and lower user retention. Users overwhelmed by too much information and frustrated by intrusive ads are likely to seek information from alternative sources. This is supported by findings from NCBI, which suggest that news overload can negatively impact the way news is consumed on digital platforms.


Crypto news websites play an essential role in the dissemination of critical information within the cryptocurrency community. However, their effectiveness is often compromised by designs that prioritize quantity over quality and revenue over user experience. To retain users and maintain credibility, these sites need to consider cleaner, more user-friendly layouts that facilitate quick reading and easy navigation, minimizing distractions and focusing on quality content delivery. This not only enhances user satisfaction but also supports the website's long-term viability as a trusted news source.

We saw this problem with crypto news websites and decided to create Blockchain Timeline. A fresh new way to read and gather information about the industry. Designed from the ground up for readability and uncluttered user experience.

So grab your morning coffee or afternoon tea and get informed the right way!

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