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The Best Crypto News Websites for 2024

Crypto has entered a new era in 2024 with when Bitcoin ETFs were finally approved. The industry saw a renewed interest from retail and institution investors around the world.

But which are the sources to keep you informed about all things crypto. We listed below the most popular crypto news websites ranked byt monthly visits. We also included a brief description about each one so you know if it suits your specific needs.

1. CoinDesk

Founded in 2013, CoinDesk has established itself as a leading platform in the cryptocurrency news arena. It offers a wide range of content including news, in-depth analysis, and market insights. CoinDesk is known for its rigorous editorial standards and comprehensive coverage of significant crypto events. The platform also hosts the annual Consensus summit, which is one of the most significant events in the crypto industry.

Monthly Visits: 12.43 million

2. Cointelegraph

Cointelegraph stands out as an independent publication that began in 2013, focusing on a wide array of topics within blockchain technology, crypto assets, and fintech trends. It is renowned for its vivid, distinctive artwork and clear, concise content. Cointelegraph delivers news, analysis, expert opinions, and insightful commentary, making it a go-to source for both newcomers and experts in the cryptocurrency space.

Monthly Visits: 12.41 million

3. BeInCrypto

Launched in 2018, BeInCrypto focuses on transparency and factual reporting in the cryptocurrency news sector. It is known for its independent stance, free from the influence of crypto market participants. BeInCrypto provides news, educational content, and market analysis, aiming to cater to both seasoned investors and newcomers. The platform has gained recognition for challenging the sector's traditional image and promoting inclusivity.


Monthly Visits: 5.09 million

4. Decrypt

Since its inception in 2018, Decrypt has made a name for itself by demystifying cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology for the general public. It offers news stories, features, and educational guides that are designed to be accessible to a broad audience. Decrypt is particularly noted for its user-friendly content that helps readers understand complex topics in the crypto world.


Monthly Visits: 3.97 million

5. The Block

The Block provides deep analytical content and research on digital currencies and the blockchain industry. Known for its detailed analysis and investigative journalism, The Block covers a wide range of topics from market insights to regulatory developments. It is a resource for those who seek thorough and in-depth information on the ever-evolving crypto landscape.


Monthly Visits: 3.60million

6. Blockworks

Recognized for its quality reporting and analysis, Blockworks serves financial institutions, professionals, and retail investors by providing informative content about the blockchain and cryptocurrency sectors. The site offers articles, podcasts, and newsletters that delve into economic trends, investment strategies, and the technological advancements shaping the industry.


Monthly Visits: 2.90 million

7. UToday

UToday is among the prominent platforms offering extensive coverage of cryptocurrency news. It focuses on delivering timely and accurate news, helping readers make informed trading decisions. UToday covers a range of topics including market trends, crypto regulations, and technological advancements in the blockchain space. The platform is known for its straightforward reporting that appeals to both beginners and seasoned market participants.


Monthly Visits: 2.69 million

Although all the above website deliver quality content to their users, we believe the crypto news websites lack an important element, readability.

This is why we've created Blockchain Timeline, a fresh new way to consume news for the crypto industry. We've designed an experience from the ground up with readership in mind. A clean and elegant user interface optimised for fast and easy reading.

Blockchain Timeline focuses on delivering the key details and developments of the crypto industry in a clear and factual manner.

  • Objective, journalistic tone without opinions or moralizing language.

  • Concise, to the point sentences that get the points across efficiantly.

  • Inclusion of specific details like percentages, numbera and timelines to provide context.

  • Prioritizing information over flowery languange or creative descriptions.


Overall, the design, color theory and typeface of our website is carefully selected to make easy for readers to consumer large amount of news in very short time. Blockchain Timeline is the crypto news website for high performers.

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