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US indexes rebound on strong Tech earnings

S&P 500 futures are rising 0.80% while Nasdaq futures are up 1.10% following Thursday's strong earnings reports.

Google beat analysts expectations for Q1 on strong performance from Search, YouTube and Cloud. The company reported $80.54 billion in revenue vs $78.59 expected and $1.89 earnings per share vs $1.51 expected.

Intel beat analysts expectations on earnings per share reporting $0.18 vs $0.14 expected. Revenue number came in line with expectations at $12.72 billion.

Microsoft beat analysts expectations reporting 23% year on year growth in Microsoft Cloud. Earning per share came at $2.94 vs $2.82 expected and revenue at $61.86 billion vs $60.80 expected by Wall Street.

Snap Q1 results surprised analysts by reporting 21% increase in revenue and positive earnings per share. Revenue came at $1.19 billion and earnings per share at $0.03 vs -$0.05 expected. The company's stock was up 23% after hours.


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